Sunday, March 26, 2006


I'm sure I have lots of updating & catching up to do, knowing me it won't all get done but I'll try to give you a quick rundown of what's been going on as of late.

Caramelized Ginger & Cranberry Biscotti#1 - Recipe testing for Ruth over at Once Upon A Feast. She has this fabulous cookbook coming out and I've been lucky enough to participate in the testing of her family's recipes for the book. So far I've tested a pie recipe, a couple biscotti recipes, a yummy brownie recipe and a TO DIE FOR chicken recipe. YUM-O! I even liked the brownies & y'all know I'm picky when it comes to brownies. I can't share these recipes with y'all - sorry. But check out her cookbook when it comes out. Guaranteed ya won't be disappointed!

Espresso Brownies#2 - Up next we have the wonderful world of WellFed. It's keeping me busy, and I'm still loving every second of it! I've finally gotten over my bout of writers block and I'm back in the groove, I hope. So head on over there and check out my weekly candy recipes at Sugar Savvy, along with my coffee & tea articles and recipes, along with those of my wonderful writers at A Nice Cuppa. This week you can find my recipe for my OUT OF THIS WORLD espresso brownies at A Nice Cuppa.

St Patty's Cookies
#3 - I haven't been back helping out at the bakery at all. I have mixed emotions about that. In a way, I'm relieved they haven't needed me on the days I was available, but in a way, I'm sad because it would be nice to think I was soooo needed they could hardly do without me! lol But, they must love my fancy little sugar cookies cause the owner ordered 2 dozen from me last week for St. Patty's Day and she's put in an order for another 2 dozen Easter themed cookies for next week. Ok, so it's not totally that she just LOVES my cookies. She's also so busy making cakes & hates messing with the cookies. But still!! lol

So, in a nutshell that's my life as of late. I'll try to keep y'all updated more, in case anyone has noticed or cared that I've been gone more than

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:53 PM) : 


With everything on your plate ... you're doing an awesome job!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:43 AM) : 

Sounds good.

Do you have your sugar recipe posted somewhere? I want to make some tea pot cookies for spring.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:48 PM) : 

Jaay, Those cookies look great! Looks like someone got hungry and chomped off the stem on the one nearest to the lower left corner...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:49 PM) : 

Great looking cookies.Would you mind sharing the icing recipe you use?I'm looking for a good one to use on my easter cookies.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:40 PM) : 

Jaay, what great news! It definitely sounds as if you are keeping busy. I'll definitely keep an eye out for your pieces on Well Fed. And what fun cookies :)


Blogger jasmine said ... (11:24 PM) : 

Why do we do these things to ourselves? We need to slow down and eat more cookies...



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