Friday, March 24, 2006

Southern Fried Love

Livin life with my heart deeply planted in the south, I'm well aware that most people, myself included, think that if it's edible, we'll fry it. I mean come on, we fry pickles for Pete's Sake! Let me just go on record, however, saying that I do not fry pickles, nor have I ever eaten a fried pickle! That just seems bizarre to me. Then again fried asparagus probably seems bizarre to some people, but I've fried it. And it's good!! I kid you not, fried asparagus is tasty.

fried asparagusI've only eaten asparagus a few times, but each time I really enjoyed it. I'm not a big veggie eater, so that's saying alot actually. Well to make a short story long, I had a bunch of the skinny green things in the crisper with no idea how I wanted to prepare them, so I did a little search on and found a recipe for fried asparagus. The recipe used finely crushed buttery crackers, I opted for italian breadcrumbs instead, and I think that was an excellent decision if I do say so myself.

Fried Asparagus

1 bunch fresh asparagus, trimmed and cut into 1 inch pieces
1/2 cup canola oil for frying
1 egg
1 cup italian breadcrumbs

1. Bring about 2 inches of water to boil in a saucepan. Add the asparagus, and cook for about 3 minutes. Drain, and pat dry.
2. Heat enough oil to cover the bottom of a large heavy skillet over medium to medium-high heat. Whisk the egg in a small bowl, and place the cracker crumbs in a separate bowl.
3. Dip the asparagus pieces into the egg, and then coat with cracker crumbs. Fry in the hot oil until golden. Turn frequently for even cooking. If they are browning too quickly, reduce the heat a little. Drain on a paper towel-lined plate before serving.

Comments on "Southern Fried Love"


Blogger ericmsdw2005 said ... (11:33 PM) : 

well Jaay. I am not an asparagus fan, other than blanched and quick-chilled. THIS, though, i can tell is going to be delish. You tried it with the bread crumbs....i'm thinking i will do it with the crackers. i'm making roast beef for sunday dinner and will make this to go alongside. I'll report back then.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:18 PM) : 

Food + Fried = Good

Jaay, great post. I've never heard of fried asparagus, even though we consume a lot of it. We especially like asparagus risotto and roasted asparagus.

But based on our love for fried food, I'll keep this recipe in mind!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:41 PM) : 

ah girl, you are killing me. FRIED ASPARAGUS?!?



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