Thursday, December 08, 2005

Drumroll Please!! Introducing "The Weekend Cookbook Challenge"

I'd like to introduce a new site & blogging event:
The Weekend Cookbook Challenge
. WCC is the collaborative efforts of
Alicat from Something So Clever and Sara from i like to cook.

Treasured Cookbook

The first challenge is dig out the oldest cookbook from your collection & prepare a recipe. It can be your oldest cookbook by copyright date or simply your very first cookbook. For my entry I've chosen to feature the book that's oldest according to copyright entitled "Cedar Hill's Treasure of Personal Recipes". My oldest is truly my most treasured cookbook. It's a collection of recipes from the ladies of the church my family has been members of since..well probably for as long as the church has been in exsistance. The book contributes largely to my earliest childhood food and cooking memories, most of which included my grandmother aka Nana. As I flip through the yellowed and tattered pages, I recognize recipes and names that are all too familiar to me. Scattered throughout the book I find newspaper clippings with household remedies for various issues, recipes clipped from the food section of the local paper Nana probably saw while reading the paper, much like I do and thought she would one day try out in hopes that the family would enjoy something new and different. And then I get to the back of the book to what I treasure most, those recipes handwritten by Nana. Seeing those recipes brings her back to me. I see her sitting there again, pen in hand, scribbling something down in her ever dainty handwriting. God I miss that woman..

I made the infamous
boiled cookies
. I know, they sound a bit unusual, but they are absolutely FABULOUS!! I swear, once you taste them you'll know there is nothing weird about these cookies. YUM-O!! We always for forever have had these cookies at Christmas and I have to admit, they're a HUGE part of why I look forward to Christmas, these days anyway.. So yeah this challenge couldn't have come at a more perfect time - I got to feature my beloved cookbook and make the boiled cookies.

I'm as sentimental as the next girl, but I'm not usually one for the public displays of sentiment..wait..what am I talking about?? Yeah I am..So I'd like to dedicate this to my Nana, if I can ever be half the woman she was, I know I'll be amazing.

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Blogger Ziz said ... (11:18 AM) : 

thanks for participating jaay! I'm sure practically NOBODY will have heard of boiled cookies before! and they are yummy to boot...who wouldve thought :D


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:16 PM) : 

Jaay--What a keepsake! I'm still amazed by your boiled cookies...BOILED COOKIES!


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