Thursday, November 03, 2005

24 Karat Luv

I made my first ever carrot cake this week..Score!! Even I impressed myself with this cake. It was absolutely delicious!! Moist with a soft dense crumb, just the right amount of chopped pecans. The perfect amount of spices..and the frosting..Ooohmygoodness!! I LOVE cream cheese do you want Paula Deen on the FoodNetwork?? You know how she LOVES butter..well that's how I feel about cream cheese. Only unlike Mrs. Paula with her butter, I don't put cream cheese in

Last week I tried out a new chocolate cake recipe, on what I thought was to be my never ending search for MY perfect chocolate cake, well I think I found it. On recommendation from a couple of the members over at CakeCentral I tried the chocolate cake recipe on the back of the hershey's dutch processed cocoa container. It's fabulous!! Exactly the cake I was looking for.

Then this week I try the carrot cake recipe from the book "Birthday Cakes: Recipes & Memories from Celebrated Bakers" by Kathryn Kleinman. The recipe was from Maida Heatter. As usual, I'm pretty random with my posting so I don't have the recipe handy in front of me, but if you want it leave me a comment with your email address & I will send it to you or I will try to remember & post it

As I always do when baking a cake, I took some of the batter & made a few cupcakes, they turned out to be absolutely adorable..but after all they are cupcakes, how could they be anything other than adorable? lol And I just couldn't do a cake without some form of decoration, so being that it's a CARROT cake I figured some cute little carrot toppers were in I whipped up about 25 fondant carrots. It was a bit tedious, but well worth it as it gave me some practice with fondant, which I haven't had recently. Not to mention I think the little carrots look adorable!

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Blogger Ziz said ... (9:25 AM) : 

those are SOOO cute!! (And look very YUM-O!!!) :D


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:42 AM) : 

"So I whipped up about 25 fondant carrots"

You make it sound so easy!!

Looks good--I share your love of cream cheese...hubby hates it...


Blogger Ziz said ... (4:23 PM) : 

P.S. - Are you a Rachel Ray lover or a hater??? :)


Blogger Ziz said ... (6:05 PM) : 

Jaay where the heck are you girl?? :)

What's happening girl?

I wish I knew your email...I'm not sure if you check the comments on here. Anyways, I am adding a section on my sidebar on my site for my "blogging girlfriends" and would like to add a pic from your site with a link to your site as well. Is that cool? Do you have any preferences as to what pic I use? Otherwise I can pic one for you. ;)



Blogger Clublint said ... (11:19 PM) : 

That cake looks absolutely scrumptious and gawd I so want a carrot cake now!

I've seen people put *gasp* sugar icing on carrot cake and yuk! Cream cheese is way better and more complimentary to the cake.

The carrots are a great touch.



Blogger onewholeclove said ... (8:42 PM) : 

Diamonds er...carrots are a girls best friend. I love carrot cake almost as much as I love cheesecake. Last year I combined the two. Everything looks so yummy! Good job!


Blogger Heather said ... (2:16 PM) : 

This cake is adorable! I have never used fondant before so I am very impressed.


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