Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Let them eat cake..and frosting too!!

Gosh, I haven't posted a cake on here in ages have I? Well, check this one out..

Nothin fancy. I had high hopes too. I wanted to knock their socks off. I'm not disappointed necessarily...I mean it was delicious and it did look pretty good..I just had hopes of SPECTACULAR!! A friend invited me to her baby girl's baptism this past weekend, and asked if I would make the cake for the reception. Of course I jumped at the chance because Hello..I'm a business woman..it's a chance to make money and get my name out there to new people. The reciption being 2 days after Thanksgiving and her having no specific requests for flavoring or decoration I was a bit stumped. So off I went to the reciption with my deliciously moist chocolate cake, with the standard sugary buttercream - business cards in hand..err purse actually. I returned home with a few new client leads, a tip on where to buy paper supplies at a bargain, and a friend's husband interested in working together in the future to build some type of business on my baking skills and his creative ideas.

For now, I'm just baking my way through Christmas with the hopes that I'm going in the right direction...

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:00 PM) : 

You did a really great job on the flowers! Very impressive.


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