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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Spiderwebs & Cupcakes - A sticky situation.

So my nephew T had his first of three celebrations for his 6th birthday last Saturday. Yes, you read me right - his first of 3 celebrations!! Uh can I please have mutiple celebrations for MY birthday?? But hey..the more celebrations we have for him, the more practice I get with my baking & decorating, the more money I make & the more things I get to add to my portfolio to show future customers..So I'm a happy little
Well T LOVES Spiderman!! So the theme for his first celebration was a given. I tried out a rather interesting recipe for "One Bowl Yellow Cupcakes" from "Cupcakes Year-Round" by Sara Neumeier. I was overall pretty pleased with the recipe & will probably use it in the future. The reason I say the recipe was rather interesting is because it called for NO gran. sugar, only brown sugar. The result was a unique flavor, definitely not a typical yellow cupcake flavor. But the kiddies & T's parents LOVED them. I didn't want to shortcut the cupcakes by purchasing those little plastic spiderman cupcake toppers, so I chose to freehand spiders & webs alternately.
On to the cookies, well those were an experience all their own. The end result was delish!! I'm very pleased with how they turned out..but it was definitely a struggle to get there. My original batch, well..not so cute if u ask me..and yes I will be the first to admit, I am my own worst critic, but still. I couldn't have the kiddies eatting cookies that were less than cute based upon MY standards. lol For the cookies I used this recipe from the Martha Stewart website. The cookies had a sweet & rich buttery flavor - absolutely delish!! They are very easily overbaked I will warn you of that, I learned that from a previous experience. I decorated them with royal icing to look like spiderwebs as you can see in the photo up top. My idea was to bag them up with a cute little riibbon & my business card in hopes that the mothers would see, think it was a good idea & keep my card for future use. Well, as great an idea as I thought this was, let's just say I don't think the cookies made it far enough for the mothers to see lol. The cookies went into the goodie bags looking adorable, the moment they went into those little hands they were eaten up faster than u can say Spiderman - so I guess they were tastey! lol

Comments on "Spiderwebs & Cupcakes - A sticky situation."


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:26 PM) : 

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Blogger T : ) said ... (7:00 PM) : 

Those all came out so great!!! Thanks for linking the cookie recipe... I bookmarked it. I may be trying some cookies soon!!

The soldier cake came out nice too!! :)

3 celebrations, huh?? Lucky kid! LOL


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