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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

How on earth???

How on earth do I start this off?? I read food blogs all the time, searching for new recipes & trying to learn something new I can use in the kitchen...I guess you could say my obsession has grown just a little bit greater because here I am, doing just one more thing that revolves around

But I'm still clueless where to begin really, so that I don't sound like I'm just going off on some pointless ramble, like I'm sure I sound now.

And how on earth do I make up my mind just what new recipe I want to try?? I can spend hours upon hours on the net looking over new recipes, printing & organizing them neatly into my "cookbook" that I have created with MY special collection of recipes I've created, perfected or am just SO obsessed with I've word for word memorized the recipe.

Take today for of my dear friends just had a baby Sunday & confessed that she was immediately craving brownies - which is a bit ironic, because like me she's always been a confessed chocaholic, but through her ENTIRE pregnancy she swore she just could not eat chocolate. *gasp* How could anyone not eat chocolate right?? No wonder after childbirth she was immediately craving brownies!! Anyway..I decided to bake her some brownies. No problem right? I'll just whip up a batch. But see that's where it gets complicated..I don't bake alot of brownies..not just plain & simple brownies, so I don't just have a brownie recipe. Espresso brownie recipe?? check! Blondie recipe?? check!! brownie recipe?? uh how does one decide on a brownie recipe?? I finally found 3 recipes that all claimed to be "the best ever", "the kind u find at a bake sale", "rich & fudgey". I must have stared at these 3 recipes for an hour before I finally closed my eyes & picked one hoping for the best.

I cut the recipe in half & followed it pretty much exactly, I did amend a few things..but nothing that should actually jepordize the quality of the recipe. They seem to have come out pretty good, nothing spectaular, so I'm still on the hunt for "The brownie recipe". It's time for a midnight snack, which will be my opportunity to give a true evaluation of the brownies.

If anyone actually reads this & you have a brownie recipe you care to share I'd be soooo excited!!


Comments on "How on earth???"


Blogger Lisa said ... (4:21 PM) : 

You seem to be off to a great start Ms. J! Here's my favorite brownie recipe


Blogger Jennifer said ... (11:36 PM) : 

My personal favorite is ghirardelli's double chocolate brownie. It's one of those in-between cakey and fudgey ones with a bit of added chocolate. The recipe isn't on their website but is on the back of their 4 oz semi-sweet chocolate bar. If you don't have a source for their chocolate, email me and I can copy it and send it to you.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:26 PM) : 

Hi Jaay--I'm going to be going thru your archives for fun. I actually do have a favorite brownie recipe. Just to be difficult, it uses cake flour....


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